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High quality, reliability and customization capacity are CONDIS’ key assets to become your partner for your high-voltage project. Discover our wide range of applications and the technical features of CONDIS’ solutions.


Circuit Breaker

Dead Tank breaker
Grading capacitors used in circuit breakers allow the high voltage to be distributed uniformly in the interrupting chambers. Years of experience and know-how in the production of high voltage capacitors makes them suitable for all types of applications in the generation, transportation and distribution of electrical energy. GIS circuit breakers for tough environments with extreme temperature variations,…
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LPITs for Monitoring & Protection

Metering Villarepos substation
CONDIS®' monitoring and protection portfolio offers the latest technology in low power instrument transformers (LPIT) powered by fiber-optical sensor technology of Profotech JSC. Equipped with interfaces according to IEC 61850, our LPITs will help transition your substations towards full digitization.
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Distributed Sensors for Protection & Monitoring

offhsore windfarms
The rapid introduction of intermittent and unpredictable renewable energy resources causes balancing and adequacy issues within existing transmission and distribution grids. In addition to that, the increasing energy consumption and the need for a real-time visibility of the entire electrical grid is completely transforming the way current energy system is operated and managed. New cost-effective technologies…
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DC Bypass
The use of HVDC systems is in constant evolution for long distance high voltage electric lines. The reduction of electric losses and its competitive cost in terms of infrastructure, installation and maintenance are some of its numerous advantages. To name others, HVDC systems do not require frequency regulations nor reactive power compensations. Medium and high voltage…
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Communication (BPL)

Broadband over power lines (BPL) is a technology for transmitting data over electrical networks by coupling a modulated signal onto the existing medium-voltage power lines.
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Partial Discharge
CONDIS® capacitors are used as coupling devices to pass high frequencies (low reactance at the high PD frequencies). The coupling device separates the PD current pulses from the power frequency test voltage circuit.
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Other Applications

Special Application
Using their limitless creativity and mastery in multiple fields, our experts respond to specific demands developing customized products and solutions according to your needs. Challenge us with your project!
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