Spare parts

For scheduled maintenance and emergency situations, asset downtime reduction is a huge financial opportunity.

Based on your installation plan, CONDIS offers an extensive spare part portfolio that ranges from installed bases from older products to the latest versions.


As a strategic component, having high-voltage capacitors available is crucial to putting back your high-voltage installation in service as quickly as possible.

Based on your installation plan, CONDIS also advises you on the optimal combination of spares parts to have on hand.

  • GIS capacitors stored in a centralized location
  • AIS capacitors stored on-site
  • A dedicated emergency response team


  • Downtimes are mitigated by guaranteeing availability of critical spare parts
  • Having the right parts to fit your installation preserves the integrity and reliability of your asset
  • Fast exchange of components enables a detailed failure root cause analysis
  • Combined with a predictive maintenance program, having spares parts allows you to plan ahead and take fast action to anticipate system failure.