Why should you worry about your capacitors?

HV capacitors are key elements for a safe and well performing electrical network. To guarantee the reliability of our components, we suggest a regular maintenance plan.

A capacitor's lifecycle

What can be done by you (on-site)?

  • Infrared thermal check
  •  Visual inspection
  • Capacitance measurement at 10 kV.


What can CONDIS do for you (off-site)?


We help process measurement results and advise on the capacitor’s condition.

Testing in a high voltage laboratory

We conduct routine and tightness tests in our facilities. The routine test requires an HV laboratory.

Repairs & recalibration

We repair, replace and recalibrate your capacitors.


What can happen if I don’t worry about my capacitors?

  • Damaged isolator
  • Corrosion & Leaks
  • Cracks & Delamination
  • Impact on the surrounding equipment


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