Testing Equipment

Capacitive Divider
Capacitive Divider

CONDIS provides a wide range of capacitors for testing applications.


Our products can be used as:

  • Coupling capacitors for serie resonance installation
    • 50/60 Hz
    • 20 to 300 Hz
  • Coupling capacitors for PD measurement
  • Load capacitors (AC, DC, Impulse)
  • Smoothing or doubling capacitors for DC voltage generator
  • High-voltage parts for capacitive and/or resistive divider for voltage measurement.


CONDIS capacitive and/or resistive parts can be used in dividers to measure high voltages up to several hundreds of kV. The HV part can be provided in reinforced epoxy resin insulators (GIS type) ready to be installed in a composite or porcelain insulator by the customer. Alternatively, this part can be also delivered in a Glass fiber execution, in a composite or porcelain insulator (AIS type) with single or alternating long-short sheds. Any CONDIS® part comes with a very high stability over a large temperature range. Applications for CONDIS Capacitive and/or Resistive HV part for dividers: CONDIS’ parts are ideal components for AC, DC or impulse measuring high-voltage dividers transformers.


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Product features

Capacitance300 pF and higher
Nominal voltagefrom 72.5kV to 800kV 50/60Hz
Very low voltage output50V to 600V
Test voltageup to 810kV 50/60Hz
Lightning impulse voltageup to 1300kV 1.2/50μs
Switching impulse voltageup to 1000kV 250/2500μs
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave upto 2000kV 1.2/2μs
Cantilever strengthfrom 5kNm to 25kNm