Pulse Power Capacitors

High voltage GIS capacitor
High voltage GIS capacitor

High-voltage Pulse Power Capacitors are used to store and deliver in a very short time a big amount of energy. They are characterized by their low series resistance and high lifetime expectation (in the order of several billions of pulses).

The Pulse Power Capacitor associated with a DC generator and a discharge circuit, is used in pulse fragmentation applications.

CONDIS®’ technology is highly flexible and can be customized to meet customers’ specific mechanical and electrical requirements.

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Product features

  • Capacitance 1 to 5 nF
  • Nominal voltage Un from 150kV to 350kV DC
  • Synthetic oil-based capacitor Technology
  • Low high frequency series resistance and series inductance
  • Test voltage up to 450kV
  • 50/60Hz