Current Limiting Reactors Capacitors

Current Limiting Reactors (CLR) are an alternative to the replacement of a Circuit Breaker by limiting short-circuit current levels in high-voltage electric networks. It will allow a longer operation of the Circuit Breaker and avoid its premature wear.

CLR are associated to big inductances. This could produce severe transient recovery voltage (TRV) or rise the rate of recovery voltage (RRRV) across the Circuit Breaker contacts, during an opening in case of short line fault. CLR Capacitors help mitigate this phenomenon.

CLR Capacitors are installed in parallel to the series reactor (CLR) and/or on each of its terminals phase to ground.

CONDIS®’ technology is highly flexible and our experts are able to customize the CLR Capacitor to meet customers’ specific mechanical and electrical requirements.


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Product features

  • Capacitance up to 30 nF
  • Typical cantilever strength values up to 25kNm (related to the solution length)
  • Nominal voltage Um up to 550kV, 50/60Hz
  • Synthetic oil-based fromcapacitor technology
  • Test voltage up to 680kV, 50/60Hz
  • Lightning impulse voltage up to 1550kV 1.2/50μs
  • Switching impulse voltage up to 1175kV 250/2500μs