Special Applications

Capacitive Divider
Capacitive Divider

The growing demand for energy supply coupled with electrical grid mutation, such as the decentralization of power generation, is having a huge impact on the way electricity is transmitted and distributed. We are working closely with customers and partners to develop new CONDIS’ solutions in the field of high-voltage capacitors, metering, communication, HVDC and services.

As our customers have high expectations and unique requirements, CONDIS has a dedicated team that provides expert solutions to deliver tailor-made products.

We have answers to your needs. Let’s face the challenge together!

Product features

Capacitance range100 pF to 300 nF
Frequency0 to 300 Hz
Maximal voltage1000 kV AC
Maximal voltage1550 kV DC
Minimum-60 °C
Maximum+90 °C
Longest in 1 piece4.352 m