Combined Low Power Instrument Transformer


NEW ! Read our 2020 CIGRE Paper “Accuracy study of a combined low-power instrument transformer in different climatic and pollution conditions. This paper presents an investigation of the behavior of a novel combined low-power instrument transformer with electronic voltage transformer (EVT) and optical current transformer (OCT) in various climatic conditions, along with the ageing influence caused by extreme weathering conditions on the primary parts and converters. The performance of the LPIT is evaluated at different times during the project based on comparison with a conventional solution.

Our Product

CONDIS|Profotech Combined LPIT (Low Power Instrument Transformer) provides a digital measurement solution for revenue-metering, protection and power quality assessment within your substation.

The Combined Instrument Transformer consists of an Electronic Fiber-Optical Current Transformer (EFOCT) and an Electronic Voltage Transformer with a Capacitive Divider (EVTCD), integrated into a single unit. The digital interface fully conforms to the IEC 61850 standard.

Patented optical fiber in the EFOCT enables highly accurate digital measurements. The precise and reliable EVTCD is based on our over 100 years of CONDIS technology innovation.

The CONDIS|Profotech combined LPIT is easily integrated into existing utility infrastructure to achieve a modernized substation.


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Product features

Rated voltage, kV100 to 145 *
Rated primary current, A100 to 3'000
Accuracy class according to IEC 61869
for measurements0.2S (for current), 0.2 (for voltage) *
for protection5TPE (for current); 3P (for voltage) *
Range of operating temperatures, °С
measuring sensor-60 to +70
electronic unit+5 to +40
Nominal load (analog output, per phase), VA:
for measurementsup to 5
Distance between sensor and electronic unit, mup to 1200
Power consumption, W100
*others on request

Output specifications

StandardIEC 61850-9-2LE SV80; SV256
IEC 61850-9-2
IEC 61850-8-1
Sample rateSV80; SV256;
TIMEIEEE 1588-2008 (PTPv2);
1PPS optical, electrical
RedundancyPRP; HSR