Capacitive Divider for Low Power Instrument Transformer

Capacitive Divider
Capacitive Divider

Capacitive dividers can be used to transform high voltages on a power line, from 72.5 kV to several hundreds of kV, into low voltages. CONDIS capacitive dividers can be provided in reinforced epoxy resin insulators (GIS type) ready to be installed in a composite or porcelain insulator by the customer for use in e.g. instruments transformers. Alternatively, the capacitive dividers can be delivered directly in a composite or porcelain insulator (AIS type) with single or alternating long-short sheds in full compliance with IEC 61815. Any CONDIS capacitive divider comes with a very high stability over a large temperature range, as well as optimal performances over an increased frequency bandwidth compared to conventional measurement methods.

Applications for capacitive dividers:

CONDIS capacitive dividers are ideal components for electronic voltage transformers (EVT), due to their low voltage outputs and the wide range of operating temperatures. If you are interested in fully functional EVTs, CONDIS also offers a range of low power instrument transformers (LPIT), such as combined LPIT, electronic voltage transformers and electronic current transformers.


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Product features

  • Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology
  • Capacitance 300pF and higher
  • Low capacitance variation versus temperature
  • Nominal voltage Un from 72.5kV to 800kV 50/60Hz
  • Very Low voltage output 50 to 600V*
  • Insulator in reinforced epoxy resin; porcelain or composite on request
  • Test voltage up to 810kV 50/60Hz
  • Lightning impulse voltage up to 1300kV 1.2/50µs
  • Switching impulse voltage up to 1000kV 250/2500µs
  • Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave up to 2000kV 1.2/2µs
  • Cantilever strength from 5kNm to 25kNm
  • *up on request