Thyristor Valve Capacitors

Thyristor Valve HVDC
Thyristor Valve HVDC

The Thyristor Valve Capacitor (or valve section capacitor) is fitted on Thyristor Valves for  voltage conversion . Its function is to assist the system with the filtering of high frequency transient voltages produced during the transformation of the AC voltage to the DC voltage or vice-versa.

The Thyristor Valve capacitor is connected in parallel with series thyristor, damping resistors/capacitors and di/dt limiting reactors.

CONDIS’ Capacitors for Thyristor Valve applications are self-healing dry capacitors (without oil), mounted in an epoxy resin insulator.


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Product features

  • Capacitance 150pF to 10 nF
  • Nominal voltage Un up to 62kVpeak*
  • Test voltage up to 95kV 50/60Hz*
  • Lightning impulse voltage up to170kV 1.2/50µs*
  • Proven sealed construction
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • * higher value on request