RC-grading capacitors for DC Bypass

High voltage capacitor Helicoidale pour DC Bypass
High voltage capacitor Helicoidale pour DC Bypass

RC-grading capacitors ensure the uniform distribution of DC voltage across the breaking chambers during switching operations.

CONDIS® is able to provide, in a single unit, a combined solution including both resistance and capacitance, easing the installation and minimizing the volume. They are installed on high voltage bypass multi-chamber circuit breakers.

RC-grading capacitors are available with either a porcelain or a composite insulator that is in full compliance with IEC 60815.

The design of high voltage RC-grading capacitors is usually customer-specific. CONDIS®’ capacitor technology offers a high flexibility and will therefore allow a large customization to meet specific circuit breaker mechanical and electrical needs.

Product features

  • Capacitance 300pF and higher
  • Nominal voltage Un from 200kV DC to 1100kV DC
  • Typical cantilever strength 5kNm
  • Test voltage up to 460kV DC (per unit)
  • Synthetic oil-based capacitor technology
  • Lightning impulse voltage up to 1050kV 1.2/50µs (per unit)
  • Vibrations and mechanical shocks up to 15g