Mixed Cable and Overheadline Protection

Find hereunder the key benefits of CONDIS powered by Synaptec’s technology :

  • Instrumentation of both ends of all three phase conductors for discrete differential current monitoring.
  • Auto-reclosure blocking scheme on mixed HV underground cable/overhead lines (with specific line differential algorithm)
  • Outputs on protection timescales (milliseconds)
  • Instrumenting several mixed circuits in series with up to 50 sensors with the same optical fiber and interrogator
  • Up to 100km between the interrogator (at the control room) and sensing locations
  • Split-core CT sensor configuration enabling an easy installation on existing cables (no need to disconnect existing cables)
  • Fully passive sensing without need for power supply. Requires no GPS or digital telecommunications access at any location.
  • Faulted section identification (discrimination between overhead and underground faults)
  • Real-time temperature monitoring, correlated and timestamped with current & voltage values
  • Fault exact location:
    • Inbuilt Optical-Time-Domain-Reflectometry (OTDR) –Pinpoint the location of a cable failure (10cm accuracy).
    • Impedance to fault measurement with resolution less than 1% of cable length

Product features

  • One merger simultaneously interrogates 25 sag sensor locations per 100km fibre
  • All sensors are passive - No power supply or telecom equipment
  • All measurements are time synchronized
  • Operate at MV and HV
  • Sensors require no periodic calibration
  • EMI immune
  • No ongoing maintenance e.g. batteries
  • Line Sage temperature range -40°C to +250°C
  • Uses standard telecoms fibre - no specialist fibre required
  • Sensor Lifespan 25 Years+
  • Safer, more secure, smaller, lower costs and longer range (no wireless communication)