Dynamic Line Rating using Line Sag Monitoring

Find hereunder the key benefits of CONDIS powered by Synaptec’s technology :

  • Live Dynamic Line Rating using line sag monitoring
  • Real-time Strain, Vibration and Temperature monitoring
  • Ampacity and voltage monitoring using Photonic Current and Voltage Transformer, correlated and timestamped with the other measurement types (sag, temperature, vibration, strain measurements)
  • Line load management delivering higher line availability
  • Automatic alarms
  • Power quality measurements using the Photonic CT and/or VT
  • Instant detection of Ice build-up (can allow for automatic de-icing)
  • Easy retrofit on existing cables, using split-core sensors


Product features

  • One merger simultaneously interrogates 25 sag sensor locations per 100km fibre
  • All sensors are passive – No power supply or telecom equipment
  • All measurements are time synchronized
  • Operate at MV and HV
  • Sensors require no periodic calibration
  • EMI immune
  • No ongoing maintenance e.g. batteries
  • Line Sag temperature range -40°C to +250°C
  • Uses standard telecoms fibre – no specialist fibre required
  • Sensor Lifespan 25 Years+
  • Safer, more secure, smaller, lower costs and longer range (no wireless communication)