All applications overview

In partnership with Synaptec, CONDIS introduces a unique and patented sensing technology for MV and HV networks, which leverages existing optical fibre networks for distributed and passive sensing with unprecedent efficiency and reach. These one-of-a-kind products address the market’s need for real-time, reliable and cost-effective protection, control and automation of critical power system infrastructure. By providing scalable and affordable visibility and control of complex, inaccessible, distributed power systems, our technology facilitates the integration of renewable energy and helps embracing the cost savings of automation and digitalisation.


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Examples of application


Integrating Renewables

  • Enables differential line protection for every cable individually
  • Enables automated reclose around faulty sections to reduce outage and income loss
  • Allows building-free grid connections
  • Provides power quality and power flow measurements for every cable and turbine

Wide Area Monitoring

  • Remote faulted section identification and location
  • Overheating alarms, strain and line sag alarms
  • Real-time dynamic line rating
  • Time-correlated fault characterisation as well as location

Multi-ended Circuits

  • Time-synchronized measurements from all terminals
  • Eliminates equipment at remote ends
  • Capable of segmenting complex multi-ended and meshed networks

Hybrid Circuits

  • Differentiates cable from overhead line faults
  • Enables auto-reclose or blocks reclose commands
  • Ideal for inaccessible or remote locations without power or comms

Digital Substations

  • Control and protective applications, drastically reducing commissioning cost (absence of copper secondary circuits)
  • Time-synchronized monitoring and asset management of power transformers


Integration Scheme


Product features

  • Combined measurements of voltage, current, temperature, vibration and strain in one system
  • Fully passive solution, thus no need for power supply. No GPS nor digital telecommunications access required (~50% hardware savings)
  • One merging unit covering 50 sensing points over 100km radius per fibre
  • Passive sensors are only connected by dielectric optical fibre, eliminating need for copper wiring to connect CTs or VTs
  • Easy retrofit by splicing sensors into the existing fibre network at any location (e.g. patch box)
  • Optical-based technology enabling time-synchronised measurements whatever the number of sensors. (IEC 61850-9-2 & IEC61869-9)