High-Voltage Laboratory Services

CONDIS benefits from a strong know-how and a highly skilled team in high-voltage laboratory tests resulting from 115 years of industrial activity in the manufacturing and distribution of mid and high-voltage products. Our experience in industrial processes as well as our commercial practice has contributed to the creation of a cutting-edge HV laboratory facility that can respond to both demanding technical requirements and rigid time constraints. Our experts will support you across the whole protocol definition and establishment of specific testing based on your needs.


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Testing Features

AC Voltage

  • 1’200 kV/1A (2A, 5min), under pressurized SF6 gas, up to 6 bar
  • 750 kV/1A (2A, 1min), in ambient air
  • 500kV/2A (4A, 1min), in ambient air

DC Voltage

  • 180kV/10mA

Testing capabilities

  • Power frequency (50Hz) withstand test
  • AC Partial Discharge measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Dissipation factor measurement

Special features

  • Serial/parallel testing capabilities (up to 12 pieces tested at the same time)
  • Testing under alternative ecological gases on demand
  • Testing in real condition using our SF6 testing lab
  • Testing according to the latest environmental standards

Additional Services

Logistic Services

CONDIS offers the possibility of handling the logistics (package, transportation) to its final destination avoiding extra transportations and the environmental impact it might cause.

Live Streaming

Follow in live conditions the testing of your products while receiving comments from our testing engineers. This service allows you to   assist to your Factory Acceptance at CONDIS Laboratory facilities remotely, saving travel and accommodation costs.

Product Design Consulting Services

Should you want to adopt a predictive approach on your product conception, CONDIS would be happy to intervene at the early stage of the product design to ensure its compliance with the testing standards. CONDIS is able to give you support on technical topics in the field of its complete product range and even more.

Testing Protocol Conception

CONDIS can help you designing new testing protocols that are tailored to your exact needs. For instance, CONDIS has designed its own procedure to evaluate SF6 gas ingress rate in its capacitors.

Our Laboratories

Gas Insulated Switchgear Laboratory
Air Insulated Switchgear Laboratory

We would be happy to provide you with more information on our Laboratory Services.

Contact us at condis@condis.ch or +41 26 411 86 75