Who we are

Over the last hundred years, CONDIS has been providing the grid with the most innovative, efficient and reliable medium and high-voltage products and solutions. Our state-of-the-art capacitors ensure voltage distribution uniformity, breaking power increase and precise voltage measurement.

As a world leader, CONDIS invests constantly in research and development. Our innovations enable us to meet our customers’ high expectations by delivering advanced and valuable solutions to the global marketplace’s ever-evolving requirements.

Digitalization, energy consumption increase, grid infrastructure reliability and carbon footprint reduction are CONDIS' key challenges to achieve a more prosperous and safer future for the coming generations.

Meet CONDIS' Management team

Management of CONDIS SA

And the Board of Directors

Board of CONDIS SA

Andreas Hürlimann

Andreas Hürlimann acts as Chairman for LEM Holding SA, Sobrado Software AG, Vontobel Real Estate Investements SICAV. Besides CONDIS’, he is also on the board of The Missing Link BV and Electricfeel AG. He achieved a graduate degree from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Per H. Dybwad

Per H. Dybwad, CONDIS’ Executive Chairman, is a senior business executive, entrepreneur and start-up specialist with 30+ years international experience in business development and leadership roles across various industries. He is the founder of PHD Perspectives Sàrl, a business advisory and management consulting company. He holds an MBA with Honors from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Xavier Paternot

Managing Partner at Renaissance Management SA, Xavier Paternot benefits from an international operational and managerial experience in the automotive and aerospace industries. He holds an engineering degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Milestones in our History


Partnership with Synaptec Ltd.

CONDIS announces strategic partnership with Scottish start-up Synaptec Ltd, offering the market’s most advanced solutions for grid protection


New building

Inauguration of CONDIS’ new production space housing a cutting-edge ultra-high voltage laboratory


New ownership for CONDIS that re-instates its 100% Swiss origins

The U.S. group Maxwell Technologies sold its Swiss division CONDIS, specialized in high voltage products and solutions, to The Renaissance Foundation based in Lausanne while CONDIS’ management becomes co-owner of the new company


New GIS laboratory

CONDIS® extends its production site in Rossens to integrate a new 1’200 kV SF6 encapsulated test system to meet the ever growing demand in terms of high voltage tests.


Metering Novel Technology

The first pilot line with the Combined Low Power Instrument Transformer is installed in the substation of Villarepos in Switzerland.



HV Capacitors for Extreme Conditions

CONDIS® develops a new line of “Arctic” products that can operate at temperatures down to -60°C.



New chapter in CONDIS’ life

Maxwell Technologies Inc., American producer of ultracapacitors based in San Diego, acquires CONDIS


Birth of CONDIS

Creation of CONDIS SA, a new entity of «Condensateurs Fribourg Holding SA ».

The company settles down in Rossens, near Fribourg.


Growing fast

The launch of the high voltage capacitors production considerably increases the activity of the company that needs to extend its facilities. It is also the beginning of a great success story in the high voltage industry.


Increasing the know-how

Between 1944 and 1966, Condensateurs Fribourg SA specializes in three new types of capacitors:

  • Compress gas standard capacitors
  • Metallized paper capacitors
  • Polystyrene capacitors

The Blumer’s major contributions

At the head of the company, Hans Blumer secures a pension fund, two emergency foundations and a Works Council. His son, and successor, renames the company to “Condensateurs Fribourg SA”


Scientific milestone

The capacitors market sees an unparalleled scientific progress with the design of oil impregnated capacitors.


From Fribourg to Paris

The company experiences a big success delivering a 110’000 V battery to the Eiffel Tower.


When it all begins

Foundation of « Fabrique suisse de Condensateurs, I. De Modzelewski et Cie, Fribourg» by Mr. Ignacy Moscicki and Mr. Jean de Modzelewski