People are at the heart of CONDIS’ success. Continuously we go above and beyond, driven by the passion we all share.

We are

Creative, passionate and upright, to name but a few
Opening the way for a new business mindset, anticipating economic, environmental and technological progresses
Not afraid of taking risks as we believe they are the grounds for success. Well, most of the time.
Demanding because we need to be, flexible when you need us to be
International and a genuine eco-conscious actor of the community.
Strongly customer-oriented, striving to deliver satisfaction and win trust

About you

You aim high, thrive on challenges
You expect to be empowered
You believe in the strength of team work
You want to experience an exciting adventure
You aspire to have a real life-balance
You are looking for competitive salary and benefits
You are one-of-a-kind and committed to make a difference

Do you recognize yourself? Then join us!

CONDIS team in CIGRE Paris 2018