Elvexys SA

CONDIS SA completes the acquisition of Elvexys SA, subsidiary of Infoteam Informatique Holding SA

CONDIS SA, a worldwide reference in products and solutions for high-voltage applications, acquires Elvexys SA, a specialist in network digitalization, confirming its corporate strategy to become a key leader in the trend of electrical substations digitalization.

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Smart grid: more than a trend, a no-brainer for the electrical industry

Over the past 10 years, digitalization has enhanced the reliability, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of substations. In full awareness of the opportunities and challenges of such a paradigm change within the high-voltage industry, CONDIS has undertaken a gradual evolution of its business model over recent years by integrating new digital solutions into its portfolio through strong partnerships and acquisitions. “The acquisition of Elvexys SA, which offers cutting-edge solutions for data management and engineering expertise in communication protocols and design for energy transport and distribution automation, is a further major step in CONDIS’ corporate development as it extends our range of expertise and offering within electrical substations in primary and secondary equipment” says CONDIS Executive Chairman Per Dybwad.

Proximity and complementarity

Beyond their technological compatibility, both companies originate in the Canton de Fribourg (Switzerland) which eases communications and cultural fit. Officially founded in 2019, Elvexys SA activities were initiated in 1998 by Infoteam Informatique Technique SA, specialized in information and communication technologies and predictive maintenance, as a spin-off of its Energy Solutions department. With over 1’200 successful projects to its credit, Elvexys can rely on a solid European customer base composed of renowned TSOs and DSOs. Elvexys SA’s General Manager Jérôme Page and its team of 20 employees will integrate CONDIS’ offices during the month of March. “We are very excited to join the CONDIS group. The activities of both
companies are very complementary in a constantly digitizing sector and our visions for the future are perfectly convergent” says Jérôme Page.

Two years after its return to Swiss ownership through the acquisition by the Renaissance Foundation and management, CONDIS SA is thrilled to welcome the Elvexys’ team and to start addressing the tremendous potential of synergies and growth offered by this acquisition. By combining Elvexys and CONDIS’ competences in engineering, manufacturing, and intelligent devices, CONDIS targets the future of electrical substations as fully automated infrastructures.