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We are thrilled to announce the launch of a series of live webinars introducing concrete and successful customers’ projects in substations digitalization and asset management.

Join us on Tuesday January 19th 2021, 4pm (UTC +1) for the 2nd episode


Accelerated Ageing Testing on Combined LPITs


With the trend towards de-centralized energy consumption and smart-grid topologies, substations become more and more digitalized. Traditionally used conventional type instrument transformers for protection and metering applications in the HV grids, do not anymore comply with the IEC61850 communication standard used in digital substation architectures.

To overcome todays and future grid challenges, HV Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPITs) will replace conventional inductive or capacitive instrument transformers. In order to prove the longevity and robustness of LPITs, EDF R&D and CONDIS initiated a partnership to conduct accelerated ageing tests on a HV combined LPIT under extreme climatic and pollution exposure.

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