3 questions to Stefan Schwob

Stefan Schwob

Supply Base Manager

1. Stefan, what is your role as Supply Base Manager at CONDIS?

As Supply Base Manager I ensure the sourcing, the qualification, the selection and the follow-up of the ongoing performance of our suppliers. Working for a medium-sized company implies versatility so I perform other activities as well. For example, I audit the suppliers, address all the non-conformity issues on components and redact most mechanical type tests and some electrical type tests according to IEC standards.

2. What is the biggest challenge of supply base management in the high-voltage industry?

The high-voltage industry is a market where the lifetime expectancy is very high, around 20-30 years. This means that one of the biggest challenges we face is to ensure a robust and reliable test plan to qualify new suppliers and/or new materials. On a personal level, and I think this is one most people in modern society face, it is very challenging to have a big picture of what is occurring and don’t get rushed into the race because of the pressure exerted from the outside.

CONDIS Supply Base Manager

3. Can you please tell us more about a project you are currently leading?

We are currently qualifying a new supplier. Apart from the technical aspects of the project, we must deal with cultural and language differences. At the same time, it gives you a lot of new insights and shows you where you can improve.

Baton change: who should be interviewed next, and why?

I would propose to interview Fabienne Vincent. She is someone who has lived much of the history of CONDIS where she has been working for more than 20 years, so she can surely tell us a lot about the evolution of our company.