3 questions to David Bugnon

David Bugnon

Planning Specialist

1. David, your position places you at the crossroads of production and sales, what is your secret to accommodate both parties?

I have to remain customer-oriented while being in line with the availability of resources.

I would say that “my secret” is to have a close relationship with the production team in order to keep their trust and be aware of their concerns.


2. According to you, what should be the most developed quality of someone being at your position?

It’s necessary to be resistant to stress, and you must perfectly know and understand all of the manufacturing processes.

CONDIS planning specialist David Bugnon

3. Can you please tell us more about your career evolution at CONDIS and what brought you to this position?

I started working for CONDIS 13 years ago as quality controller.  With years of experience, I became familiar with the requirements of different customers and that’s why I was then hired at the technical office. At this position, I designed the capacitors according to the customers’ needs.  Suddenly I realized that I knew our manufacturing process, the quality requirements of our products, the applications of our customers as well as the dimensioning of the capacitors but there was one thing I didn’t know about: the planning and this relationship with buying and selling.  And that’s how I had the opportunity to learn this fascinating job which allows interaction with all CONDIS’ employees.

Baton change : who should be interviewed next, and why?

I suggest Stefan Schwob because he is a very calm person who always takes the problems as an opportunity for improvement.
He is voluntary and doesn’t hesitate to help whenever it’s needed.