Big room for ultra-high voltage

The Swiss Company CONDIS SA, global leader in high and mid voltage applications, has acquired a new production space and an ultra-high voltage laboratory.


New perspectives for CONDIS SA

Founded in Fribourg in 1903, CONDIS SA provides state-of-the art products and solutions to the major international actors of the high and medium voltage industry. Enjoying a strong reputation for innovation and reliability, the know-how of CONDIS extends beyond the electrical grid to new fields of application such as material fragmentation, opening up for new markets in recycling, mining and drilling. To complete its offer, CONDIS has created a “Services” unit, whose objective is to assist operators of electrical infrastructures in the management and maintenance of their assets.

In order to exploit the full potential of its expertise, CONDIS now opens the doors of its test and calibration facilities, providing advice, tailor-made test protocols and logistics services to any high voltage industry player wishing to test its equipment for commercial or research and development purposes.

“Coming only nine months after the company again was back under Swiss ownership, the investment in this new facility and the new business lines underline the new owners commitment to, and belief in CONDIS’ future.” says Mr. Per H. Dybwad, Executive Chairman of CONDIS.

Expansion and modernisation

Such ambitions required the expansion and the modernisation of CONDIS’ factory in Rossens. This has now been done in the form of a new production facility of 30’000m3, housing a cutting-edge ultra-high voltage laboratory and larger and more functional areas for product finishing and storage. Two delivery bays are located within the building to optimize the logistics of freight transport. The interior of the support beam-free hall, made possible by the installation of 30m long crossbars supporting the roof, allows great flexibility in the layout of the spaces.

Ultra-high voltage

The GIS technology for gas-insulated switchgear is developing at a rapid pace in the electrical industry. In order to be in line with this trend and to meet the resulting customer requirements, CONDIS has acquired a state-of-the-art GIS laboratory, equipped with two transformers and an SF6 chamber, capable of testing 12 capacitors simultaneously, in parallel or in series, up to a voltage level of 1200kV. Compliant with the IEC norms, this new installation is conceived to minimize human interventions thereby improving precision and it also allows the complete test data to be transmitted to the customer.

Credit : Alain Wicht