3 questions to José Luis Bermudez

José Luis Bermudez

Product Manager, HVDC applications

1. José Luis, what project represented the biggest challenge for you at CONDIS?

Every year we deal with interesting challenges. Last year, for instance, we were involved in the largest HVDC grid project in China. It was amazing. This year, CONDIS’ products are in the qualification phase for HVDC converter system using thyristor valve. The specifications are very rigorous and they involve a lot of tests in the same units. This is a new and big important challenge at the moment.

2. You are in charge of HVDC applications, what are the market perspectives for these applications?

It is a very interesting question and it is not easy to provide a clear response. The interest in HVDC systems is increasing. I believe that in a near future they could be the preferred option in most of the new high-voltage lines thanks to their technical advantages compared to HVAC systems.

José Luis Bermudez, Product Manager at CONDIS

3. According to you, what is the strongest asset of CONDIS in terms of engineering?

In my opinion, we are still the leader in the market of high-voltage capacitors because we are close to customers, we are flexible and we develop the product that the customers expect. We provide support and recommendations based on a solid experience and the customers value that a lot. Also, the quality of our products speaks for us, this is of course the best argument!

Baton change, who should be interviewed next, and why?

I suggest David Bugnon as the next person to be interviewed. In reality, all members of our company have a place in the interviews, given that we are a big family and that we work very closely to provide the best solutions to our customers.

I propose David because I like his personality, he is always ready to help even if he has a big amount of tasks to do, and always with a smile. He has shown a big power of adaptability and he has performed tip-top in all of the challenges he had to take up.