3 questions to Joaquim Rainho

Joaquim Rainho

Production Expert, CONDAS Technology

1. Joaquim, you possess a very specific know-how at CONDIS. Could you please tell us more about it?

I would say that my know how is the result of all the trainings and knowledge transmission I had the chance to receive over 20 years at CONDIS. I’ve been working on the CONDAS technology for many years and we’re now reaching the final stages of development thanks to a great team work and important investments from the company.

Ed. Note : Joaquim is CONDIS’ expert for the CONDAS technology, the oil-free capacitor technology of CONDIS

CONDIS CDAS HV products expert

2. According to your manager, you’re achieving a great work! What motivates you on a daily basis?

What motivates me is to pursue the exceptional success of CONDIS, for many years to come. For that, I give 100% of myself in any project I lead.

3. What is your greatest achievement at CONDIS, the one you are the most proud of ?

The capacity we had to adapt the machines and the manufacturing of components in order to produce prototypes. I would also say that the trainings I had the opportunity to attend helped me to significantly improve my skills.

Baton change : José Luis Bermudez because we collaborate in the development of the CONDAS technology and I appreciate his dedication to this project.