Pulse Power

CONDIS takes part in a Swiss premiere project led by SELFRAG to maximize the recovery of incineration bottom ash

In 2015 SELFRAG, world leader in high voltage pulse power fragmentation initiated a pilot project together with incineration plant operator SAIDEF with the aim of minimizing the incineration bottom ash (IBA). CONDIS experts are solicited to design customized high voltage capacitors to fit the pilot installation.


Going further with waste recycling

SELFRAG’s new waste recycling technology, “The Scoria”, is a response to a common issue encountered by incineration plants; namely that at the end of an incineration process, some solid residues of ferrous and inert materials, called scoria, remain inoperable and therefore unexploited. Furthermore, the disposal of this waste is expensive for the incineration plant operator while profits could be made on the residue was exploitable. Hence the need of a solution to recover this unexploited and valuable matter. An opportunity seized by SELFRAG who entrusted CONDIS with the development of high voltage pulse power capacitors to integrate into “The Scoria” generator.

A new challenge for CONDIS experts

SELFRAG’ Scoria technology is designed to perform a selective fragmentation of IBA through electric pulses in a water environment. This fragmentation enables the separation of the residues bound together by the incineration process. The electricity goes direct to the scoria targeting the ferrous material and separating the inerts.

The multitude of impulsions were at the center of the technical challenge undertaken by a highly skilled and motivated team of CONDIS’ experts. “We had already produced a range of mid voltage power pulse capacitors in the past, but for this new high voltage application, we needed to pay very keen attention to the behavior of internal connections and the variation in temperature.” says Dr. José Luis Bermudez, Product Manager at CONDIS.

High voltage GIS capacitor

By offering a “one-piece” product, CONDIS’ solution also differentiates itself from competing technologies (e.g.. ceramic) as it improves the energy storage capacity and eases the handling and future maintenance operations.

A close cooperation with SELFRAG’s R&D team allowed CONDIS to upgrade its technology for operating in this specific new robust production environment and prove its efficacy over a trial phase at SELFRAG’s facilities.

Proven record of reliability in the field

SELFRAG Recycling’s one-of-a-kind solution including CONDIS pulse power capacitors is successfully operating at SAIDEF’s plant since 2016, raising the attention of other players in the incineration market. CONDIS  is very proud of this fruitful collaboration with SELFRAG as it extends CONDIS portfolio with solutions that contribute to a cleaner world with better resource utilization.


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