3 questions to Dominique Guillet

Dominique Guillet

Chief Operating Officer at CONDIS

1. Dominique, when did you start working at CONDIS and what was your mission at that time?

I started working for CONDIS in 1991 and my first job was Manufacturing Supervisor. My mission at this time was to increase the production efficiency and quality in order to reduce cost inefficiency.

2. In what area/sector of the company have you noticed the biggest evolution since you arrived?

In the past three years, we have invested in people to increase their skill levels and versatility.

Chief Operating Officer at CONDIS

3. According to you, what are the strongest assets of our company?

People are the strongest asset of CONDIS, we are able to provide and customize any kind of capacitors and provide solutions that meet our client’s needs.


Baton change : who should be interviewed next, and why?

Joaquim Rainho, he is our dry-capacitor technology expert. His expertise and quality of work are exemplary.