CONDIS Lab Services at a glance

CONDIS High-Voltage Laboratory Services

HV capacitors are your first line of defense against stress caused by grid operations, so they need special care.

Unexpected voltage surges, extreme temperatures as well as intense switching activities may speed up the aging of your high-voltage capacitor, which can cause a drift in technical features.

To guarantee the reliability of your high-voltage capacitors, Condis offers assessment services.

1. Laboratory test

Routine Electrical Test: The routine electrical test in high-voltage laboratory is the most reliable way to assess electrical features.

With this process, we make sure the capacitor is in mint condition.

Customized Electrical Test: We also offer a range of customized tests (partial discharge tests, capacitance tests, tan delta tests, etc.)

2. Leak test

Leak Tightness: Dielectric fluid under pressure impacts the stability of electrical features. Over the years, it is important to make sure the capacitors remain immaculate on this aspect.

3. Test report

Age Assessment: We assess the capacitor and compare the electrical behavior to its original condition. Accordingly, we advise on three different options:

  • Keep it as it is
  • Maintain the capacitor to increase the lifespan or replace it
  • Recycle the defective capacitor
HV Laboratory


  • A factual picture of the health and performance of assets and reduced risk of unplanned outages
  • Optimized strategic repair-replace decisions
  • A detailed root causes analysis
  • Help with defining a proactive maintenance strategy that can lead to significant savings
  • High-voltage capacitors are put back on line after extended storage
  • End-of-life projections for equipment

CONDIS Services would be happy to help you evaluate the best option for your assets. Do not hesitate to contact us at We’re looking forward to collaborating with you!