3 questions to Loïc Jaunin

QSE Manager at CONDIS

1. What are your main responsibilities at Condis as the QSE Manager ?

I’m responsible of the company compliance regarding Quality, Safety, Environment standards and laws. To be compliant to these regulations, we need to control and continuously improve our process through a QSE system. Putting all this together, my responsibility is to set up, maintain and improve an appropriate QSE system.

2. What is your major challenge in this field?

My major challenge is to build a strong QSE culture within the company.

An example is to better structure the way we work: we need to better define our process and the data flow between them, we need more written good practices and to apply them as they are written. Analysis of Quality non conformity cases, Safety risks and Environmental impacts also needs to be better structured to focus on the more important causes.

QSE Manager at CONDIS

3. What would be your advice for a junior professional starting a career in the QSE field?

A junior professional in QSE should carefully choose the company he/she will work for. Indeed, there is the risk of not having the necessary resources to work and improve the situation and ending up being a fuse for the top management. Here at CONDIS we have the opportunity to work for a company that not only wants to improve its QSE policy but that also wants to be on the cutting edge in this field.


Baton change : who should be interviewed next, and why?

Dominique Guillet is the COO and I know he likes to practice English