3 questions to Lucas Struchen

Sustainability Specialist at CONDIS

1.Lucas, what brought you to CONDIS?

As part of my engineering studies, I had to achieve a diploma project within a company, hence I started working at CONDIS with the aim of optimizing the energy consumption in process and building. My assessment on industrial ovens allowed me to find a potential reduction of 40% in electricity consumption. It seemed interesting enough for further actions to be taken.

2. What are your short-term and mid-term objectives as the new Sustainability Specialist ?

First, we are going to roll out immediate measures that were revealed during the diploma project, such as actions on industrials ovens.

Then, we want to maximize heat recovery during the retrofit of space heating and cooling systems using pinch analysis to identify relevant potentials.

Another job to be done will be the measurement and payback validation of proposed energy saving actions.

Lucas Struchen Sustainability Specialist

3. What are the main challenges of a company to embrace sustainability?

Maybe showing more sobriety in the way machines are used in order to reduce their non-working time consumption. The efficiency of certain equipment like electrical motors could also be increased. On the other hand, it’s a matter of adjusting the supply to the real needs of production using tools suggested by lean management for example.

Baton change : who should be interviewed next, and why?

Loïc Jaunin is responsible for quality, security and environment at CONDIS. Because of his activity, he’s sensible to ecological questions and therefore we are brought to work together, notably on waste and greenhouse gas treatment.