The keys to take advantage of your performance review

Dear Community,

It is that time of year again: all CONDIS® employees are having their annual performance review. This process is incredibly powerful, even though it is regularly criticized and under-estimated.

At least once a year (too seldom, but better than never), you are all given the opportunity and the legitimacy to take a step back, to gather information for a complete retrospective of the past year. This may be a difficult exercise as you may not be used to digging deep inside yourself, using information from various channels to help you dig even further.

How should you proceed then?

Firstly, take enough time to allow yourself to explore the path you have walked up to today. What have been your greatest achievements? Which activities have given you pleasure? What were your failures, and how did you learn from them? Why are you more skilled today than yesterday? Participating in training may give you an easy answer; but the daily work environment teaches you a lot. How did you improve your knowledge of the business? What did you learn about the geo-political context in which your company exists; about the products you sell; about the issues of your colleagues from their professional context? What did you learn about communication; collaboration and team work? How have you developed your interpersonal skills? How have you contributed to your Company success?

Next, find some trusted colleagues who will help you with the process of your self-evaluation. Ask them to be fair, constructive and critical. Explain to them that you need their perspective to make an assessment of this passed year. This will, undoubtedly, help you build next year’s success. You do not need to wait until the Company implements a 360° process to share with your colleagues… be proactive!

Finally, your manager has been coaching you the whole year. He/she will give you another perspective that will enrich the picture you have begun to draw. However if you want this discussion to be powerful, you must make sure that logistical aspects are well-organized: you and your manager should not be interrupted. Therefore you must schedule the meeting in advance to make sure both of you are fully available and prepared. If one of you has an unplanned emergency, or if one of you has not found enough time to prepare this meeting, postpone the discussion. Ideally, you should organize a face-to-face meeting in a secure room where you will not be interrupted. Last but not least: plan sufficient time. Nothing is more frustrating than a constructive conversation that is interrupted due to … a lack of time.

You are now ready to have your annual performance review discussion! Take your notes with specific examples to make sure that you do not forget to mention relevant events.

I wish you all great discussions that will help you increase your potential and build your fantastic future !



by Céline Marguet, HR Manager