Successful participation of CONDIS® on the Mandaula – Ballabhgarh project

To stabilize the Indian power grid, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited commissioned GE to carry out this pilot project to upgrade the Mandaula and Ballabhgarh substations.

GE commissioned CONDIS  for capacitor development. The challenge was to create a product whose function would be to limit the short-circuit current in case of problems related to the circuit breaker. The goal is to avoid circuit breaker replacement and related costs.

The origin of the Mandaula – Ballabhgarh project in India was a consequence of the growth in high voltage installations, for example in the NCR (National Capital Region ) 400 kV area; it has resulted an increase in short-circuit levels.

Splitting of the grid and reduction of short-circuit currents levels using series bus and line reactors, were resulting solutions to control the system.

Series bus reactor at 400 kV Ballabhgarh and Mandaula project is a pilot project to reduce the short-circuit current of the high voltage system.

CONDIS® Solution

After two years of developing a product specifically designed for this project, CONDIS® is very proud to present the CLR HV capacitor that has been commissioned to participate in the GE pilot project in India.