Grid Stability & Modernization

CONDIS® by Maxwell Technologies extends its line of TRV Capacitors

In keeping with the company’s mission in safety and stability of the grid, CONDIS has recently extended its portfolio to integrate a wider range of TRV (transient recovery voltage) capacitors that will allow electrical substations to efficiently protect their infrastructure.

The transient phenomenon is an aperiodic function of time that doesn’t last for long. Its time duration is very insignificant when compared to the operating time of the system. Yet it is very important because, depending on the severity of these transients, the system may cause a black out of a city or a shutdown of a plant, to name but a few.

The circuit is normally energized and carries load until a fault suddenly occurs. The fault results in the closing of the switch in the electrical circuit. The closing of this switch changes the circuit so that a new distribution of currents and voltages is brought about. This redistribution can be accompanied by a transient period during which the resultant currents and voltages may, momentarily, be high. This redistribution of currents and voltages cannot take place instantaneously and TRVs are the only way to achieve it, thanks to the use of TRV capacitors.

Since 1996, CONDIS  produces high quality TRV capacitors for its international customers to help them enhance the safety of their electrical substations by increasing the capacity of the circuit breakers. More than 17’500 units of CONDIS TRV capacitors were sold and distributed worldwide from 2002 to 2018. CONDIS has a proven record for long-lasting reliability and performance of these products in the field.

Because they invest substantially in key elements of an electrical substation such as the circuit breaker or the transformer, OEMs and Utilities are very demanding in regards to the TRV capacitors supplier they choose and CONDIS is considered as a partner of choice. Indeed, CONDIS’ wide range of TRV capacitors (from 5nF to 30nF) and the brand flexibility in the customization of its products is a great advantage to meet specific technical requirements or to fit in a variety of environments.

As an example, CONDIS® has developed an “arctic” capacitors line, designed for applications in the most severe environmental conditions, supporting extreme temperatures of up to –60° Celsius. From one extreme to another, CONDIS® provides TRV capacitors (24kV, 130nF) for generator breakers that operate in confined environment where the temperature rises to as much as 80°C. CONDIS TRV capacitors are also designed to meet variable needs and constraints offering breaking capacities from 63kA to 90kA short-circuit current and even more to fulfill customer demands.

Advances of new technologies of power sources, mainly photovoltaic and Aeolian has resulted in the increased complexity of the grid, thus obliging electrical grid major providers to seek equipment with greater performance and systems and devices capable of absorbing important electrical flows. The increase of voltage in new high voltage substations and the need for circuit breakers makes it essential to use high quality TRVs capacitors.

Together with international OEMs and Utilities, CONDIS high voltage capacitors contributes to the stabilization and the reliability of the global electrical grid. The Swiss company invests significantly in research and development to anticipate the evolution of the market and allow for the creation of the modern worldwide grid.