Metering Novel Technology

In keeping with CONDIS®'mission in safety, stability and modernization of the grid, the Swiss brand has created a strategical technical alliance with Profotech JSC to extended its portfolio and integrate digital metering solutions for substations.



With more and more utilities wanting their substations to become fully digital using IEC 61850 process bus, CONDIS® and its partner Profotech JSC (specialists in high-tech fiber-optical current measurement devices for AC and DC applications), associated their knowledge to develop innovative and complete solutions for digital instrument transformers. These offer a full range of optical current transformers or electronic voltage transformers for high voltage applications including the combined low-power voltage and current instrument transformer (LPIT).

CONDIS®|Profotech combined LPITs consist of electronic fiber optical current transformer (EFOCT) and electronic voltage transformer with capacitive voltage divider (EVTCD), both integrated into a single unit. This innovative device excels with numerous technological advantages compared to its conventional instrument transformer counterparts. It ensures higher precision throughout a wide temperature and frequency range and direct digital output according to the latest international standards. Moreover, CONDIS|Profotech’s solution covers all voltage and current levels (50Hz/60Hz as well as DC applications) appearing in the high voltage grid. LPITs have been tested and have proven their interoperability with IEC 61850 compatible relays of all major international relay providers.

In addition to the technical benefits of this solution, a significant reduction in size and footprint can be achieved with such LPITs by using either optical or electronic converters instead of secondary inductive transducers, which are used in conventional CTs and VTs. The elimination of inductive transducers also results in the eradication of magnetic saturation during high frequency or short circuit events. Along with significantly reduced oil volumes, the almost oil-free voltage transformers and completely oil-free passive optical current transformers, clearly contribute to higher operational safety and improved environmental impact. Moreover, by replacing copper wires with fiber-optic cables, electrical substation operators’ safety is improved whenever maintenance is needed.

CONDIS and Profotech installed a first pilot line of the combined LPIT system running in parallel to conventional VTs and CTs in order to prove the concept at a Swiss utility in 2017. In addition to that, two 3-phase 500kV systems of stand-alone EFOCT and EVTCD were commissioned at the end of 2017 in Tobol, Russia for the Federal Grid Company (FGC). These optical current and electronic voltage transformers were designed and tested to withstand the arctic temperatures and high seismic activities in that region. The next project will be the installation of a 3-phase 550kV EFOCT along with a 3-phase flexible EFOCT before the end of Q3.2018 for a customer in the Netherlands. With more projects to follow during the next year in Europe and North America.
CONDIS Profotech substation

Offering a highly advanced instrument-transformer solution that complies with the latest communication standards and new-substation designs, CONDIS positions itself as a strong and reliable partner for international utilities and other major industrial players that are willing to adopt novel technologies to modernize their substations.

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