The Power of Enthusiasm

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”, wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.

If the success of a company is generated by its employees, its greatest and long-term successes are achieved by their enthusiasm.

The bookshelves of managers and HR specialists are full of literature about tools that are used to improve team performance. Ways to motivate are explored, performance review processes are greatly debated, managers are taught how to coach (and they realize how difficult it is!) and HR specialists are desperately trying to innovate to ensure that each member of the Company is happy to get up in the morning in order to work enthusiastically the whole day.

Few of these books mention enthusiasm, even fewer develop it. How to initiate enthusiasm in a person, a team, an entire Company? As in a cold and windy winter, health is fragile. It requires the utmost attention and needs to be constantly fed with vitamins. However enthusiasm is also contagious and can very quickly spread within a team and all the people who interact with it.

Management is the first vehicle of enthusiasm. Every day, all managers should come full of passion and motivation for what they and their teams are doing. They cannot fake it, they must live it. In the tone of their voice. In their eyes. In their attitude, in their gestures. In the manner that they say “hello”, and “good bye” after a hard day’s work, when they may be exhausted but at the same time proud of what they and their teams have accomplished. If enthusiasm is authentic, no doubt it will be contagious. During stormy weather, enthusiasm is what will make the difference. Because motivation is stronger, individuals ‘energy is used to transform problems into solutions, and focus is optimized.

In Condis®, Management is striving to propagate the entire company with enthusiasm. We will not pretend that it is easy, we will not pretend that managers excel in this art. They honestly share their passion for what they do, for what they bring to the world, and their gratitude for the collective success. Is enthusiasm part of Condis®’s culture? It certainly is, as when a colleague wakes up in a bad mood but is welcomed by her/his colleagues with a cheerful “hello”, a genuine smile and a look full of kindness, enthusiasm is revived and the whole team is ready to make this day another success!

Written by Céline Marguet, HR Manager