Why you should quickly step out of your comfort zone

Routine is like an insidious snake: it sometimes quietly settles down and, in a very delicate and subtle way, it persuades you that it is the easiest road to fulfilment. It whispers: “Stay in your comfort zone, far away from risk and pressure”. And life becomes slowly but surely boring, without you even realizing.

Then why not become a snake charmer?

Technology, globalization, diversity, etc. The world is constantly changing, and so is professional life. We can decide to ignore this constantly moving environment and doze close to our snake. Or we can be part of the change, live the change, even initiate the change and aspire to being more mentally agile and self-actualized.

To evolve in this new context we all need to take some time to think about our own professional development. Who am I today? What are my values? What do I like? What are my skills? In what context do I perform? And then, who do I want to be? What skills will be needed in tomorrow’s world?

In this explosion of thoughts you may be lost somewhere between who you wanted to be, who you barely dare to think you might be (forget education and close-minded culture!) and who you finally decide to be.

Continuous self-assessment is key. Unfortunately many of us neglect professional development. We all have potential and we all deserve to progress. Do not wait for others to do it for you: it is your own responsibility. Aside from technical skills (which should not be underestimated!), put your focus on soft skills that will make the difference tomorrow.

In Condis, in 2018, we will focus on, teamwork, analytical skills, problem solving, critical thinking and communication, among others, in order to develop our team’s potential, to ensure our continued success in the years to come. Our strong company’s culture based on employees’ development will make it possible. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said “”As for the future, it is not a question of foreseeing it, but of making it possible”.


Written by Céline Marguet, HR Manager