A word from CONDIS’ HR Team

Let's make 2018 an even more successful year!


Dear readers,

End of last year we initiated a survey on Facebook to know if you were globally satisfied with your 2017 professional year.

71% of you answered they were!

Good score!

However too many of you (29%) did not reach their goals of fulfillment. Why is that? Were your expectations too high? Did you set too ambitious objectives? Did you take the necessary actions to improve your work environment?

If not done yet, it is still time to write down your 2018 resolutions!!!

If stop smoking, eat healthier, practice more sport and get a new hobby are usually the most popular resolutions, you need to find the ones that correspond to the “real you” and that will help you succeed during this new year.

Find challenging professional objectives, include your team to help you accomplish them or to celebrate their achievement, add some fun in your daily activities and be happy even if you do not always succeed as you know that errors and failures are part of the way! Find sense and added value in each action (or stop doing it), never hesitate to ask for help if needed, and above all be proud of working for your Company because you know that you are fully part of its success.

At CONDIS we make sure that every employee has ambitious goals and an individual development plan to support him/her reaching them. We empower our team in a mistake culture environment and encourage all to think out of the box! Life-balance is key and is part of CONDIS’ responsibility. Last but not least, we make CONDIS’ success a collective adventure where we all work hard in an exciting environment!

We are confident that you will find your own way and that next year satisfaction survey will reach a higher positive score!

We wish you all a tremendous 2018 year !